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shruti sancheti

SHRUTI SANCHETI was launched in December, 2009 by SHRUTI SANCHETI, with a vision to establish not just another generic fashion label but a brand that breaks traditional molds to dictate new rules of design.
It is a ready to wear retail centric label that believes in wear-ability, celebrates femininity and always chooses comfort while keeping a strong design aesthetic at the fore.
Combined with elegance, a sense of timelessness and sophistication, it offers fluid and classic styles at competitive prices. The brand is deeply inspired by the rich treasure trove of Indian textiles and craftsmanship. It has extensively promoted and worked with weaves, embroideries and crafts from different parts of the country and is a proponent of the less is more philosophy.
The brand’s identity is global and contemporary with a true to its roots Indian soul.

The SHRUTI SANCHETI brand emerged with a bold
vision: not merely to be another run-of-the-mill fashion label, but to pioneer
a movement that redefines conventional design paradigms.
As a designer with an in-house pre label, SHRUTI SANCHETI epitomizes ready-to-wear fashion centered
around retail, prioritizing wearability without compromising on style.
Embracing femininity and comfort, each creation exudes elegance and
sophistication while maintaining a strong design ethos.


Infused with a timeless appeal, the brand's offerings blend fluidity with classic charm, all
at competitive prices. Inspired by the opulent heritage of Indian textiles and
craftsmanship, SHRUTI SANCHETI showcases a profound appreciation for indigenous weaves, embroideries, and artisanal techniques from across the nation, adhering
to the ethos of 'less is more.' With a global and contemporary identity rooted in its Indian heritage, SHRUTI SANCHETI embodies a fusion of tradition and modernity, resonating with discerning individuals seeking sophistication with cultural depth.