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When I think of summer, I think of lazy afternoons spent in cozy, comfy loungewear, with the AC blasting away the heat. I think of eating cold mangoes with creamy vanilla ice cream and yummy ice candies, especially the raspberry one
I think about summer holidays in Europe, where the sun sets late, casting a golden glow over picturesque landscapes. . I'm captivated by pastel skies, where hues of soft pinks and blues blend seamlessly, and by the sight of blooming flowers, painting every corner with vibrant bursts of color. And oh, the gentle breeze through my loose-fitted, airy clothes.
But beyond the tangible, when I think of summer, I feel something deeper. It's a season of fresh excitement, a time for rejuvenation, and a sense of boundless freedom.
And it's this heartfelt sentiment that inspired our SS25 collection. Launching soon, online and offline.